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Volvo Gen Set

Volvo powered Gen Sets are recognized globally for its reliability, better efficiency and eco-friendliness. It is powered by Volvo Penta electronic fuel injection diesel engine that is made by the global-famous Swedish VOLVO PENTA. Volvo Penta diesel generators offer exceptional reliability for maximum uptime. Synergy deals with Volvo products ranging from 95 KVA-700 KVA.

The VOLVO diesel generators group subordinate\92s company VOLVO PENTA is absorbed in the production of industrial diesel engines, industrial vehicles and marine diesel engine products. It keeps ahead in the field of six-cylinder engine and electronic fuel injection technique etc.

volvo engine

Features of Volvo Engine

  • Maintained performance
  • Tropical cooling system
  • Fully electronic with VOLVO PENTA
  • Dual frequency switch (between 1500rpm and
  • 1800rpm)
  • High power density
  • Emission compliant
  • Low noise levels
  • Gen Pac configuration