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Lister Petter Gen Set

Lister Petter's roots go back over more than a century from producing the agricultural equipment in the early days to now producing some of the most advanced diesel engines and generators available on the global market today. The Lister Petter range of air and water cooled Gen Sets is renowned for its quality and reliability. Synergy offers wide range of models offering power outputs between 13 KVA to 30 KVA. With millions of generators and other products made, and a long lasting legacy of quality and durability one can be sure that any Lister Petter generator will give years of problem free service.

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Features of Lister Petter Engine

  • Diesel generators designed for continuous
  • operations in ambient temperature 52 C
  • Cold start capability down till 32 C
  • Naturally aspirated or turbo charged
  • Spin on lubricating oil filter
  • Fuel lift pump and heavy duty air cleaner
  • USA, EPA, Interim Tier 4
  • India legislation GSR 448E
  • 12 V Electric Start